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Bringing Las Vegas
to the Blockchain.

The Beginning of the Story...

"NFT Las Vegas™ is a blockchain and Web 3.0 company created by UNLV student Quincey Lee (Biological Science). Lee is aiming to build NFT Las Vegas™ as a monumental backbone for the city, helping provide individuals' resources, education, and opportunities in the Web 3.0 space to obtain financial freedom.
NFT Las Vegas™ has become the gateway for students to migrate towards becoming independent virtual creators, artists, and musicians on the blockchain through sponsoring the creation of UNLV NFT, a student organization in the process of being registered by UNLV for this fall semester. UNLV NFT is an innovation platform meant to help spread awareness to students of this new-age tech boom, and be a stepping stone in integrating blockchain and AI interfaces into mass adoption."

Quoting A Recently Published Article from University of Nevada, Las Vegas Official News Center


You Received A Message from Quincey Lee!

Founder and CEO

Hey there! Are you looking for a cool new place to meet like-minded individuals in crypto and artificial intelligence, while also getting the chance to help make a positive impact towards a growing grassroots Web 3.0 community in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Well, look no further. 😎

NFT Las Vegas Logo

Welcome to NFT Las Vegas!

A Bit About Us,

Quincey Lee is a senior undergraduate student at University of Nevada, Las Vegas holding a concentration in the field of Cellular and Molecular Biological Sciences. As a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, she is the founder of NFT Las Vegas™ Distribution Label, a startup technology and innovation company whose current mission is to advocate towards the mass adoption of blockchain technologies, along with helping build a new form of commercial en route based upon the concept of a decentralized ecosystem. She is also the founder and president of University of Nevada, Las Vegas NFT (commonly known as UNLV NFT), a non-profit student organization geared towards providing pre-professionals with resources, internships and additional Web 3.0 opportunities - while also creating a more attainable entry-point for students to learn, build and/or become part of a growing distributed economy.

With intentions of establishing a new stepping-stone for businesses, companies, innovators, and all-around creative visionaries throughout society, she works towards bringing Web 3.0 concepts to the people in places where they don't have go too far out of their comfort zone to obtain the resources needed to get involved. Quincey was raised and grew up in the city of Las Vegas since the age of just two-years old, graduating from a local Las Vegas public high school. During her time in college she worked as the coordinator of a hospital's Women's Services Department, where she soon came to discover that her true passions were hidden within the blockchain. In 2017, she began to study the science behind blockchain technologies and it's integration towards the next generation of new-age technology as a whole. In August of 2021, Quincey formulated NFT Las Vegas™ with a vision to create the first monumental Metaverse commerce brand and establishment focused on bridging the gap between the innovation of technology and building alongside the grassroots of a city.

So, we partnered with the Best of the Las Vegas...

To bring you the Best of NFT Las Vegas™! 🐸 ☕️

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