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Join the club and receive a UNLV nft Lunch Box token

1. One Lunch Box Token


2. Full Access to monthly coupons, discounts and free items from multiple different food and beverage spots located all around campus.

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NFT Las Vegas™ 

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UNLV NFT Student Membership Registration



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Receive a FREE UNLV NFT Lunch Box Token

Get access to Web 3.0 opportunities in the tech space

Showcase your artwork, music and independent creations

Learn about decentralization and distributed economies


- UNLV NFT Student Organization -

UNLV NFT is an innovation platform whose purpose is meant to help spread awareness to students of this new age tech boom, and be a stepping stone in integrating blockchain and AI interfaces into mass adoption. Our mission is to serve the student body by providing an outlet where students can receive new opportunities in the Las Vegas tech space, along with the proper resources needed to get involved in understanding the fundamentals of creating a self-sustainable distributed economy through the utilization of blockchain technology.

Meet Our UNLV NFT Board Committee

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