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UNLV NFT is an innovation platform whose mission is to provide a reliable outlet where students can receive trusted information and opportunities regarding the application of digital assets such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger systems. Our purpose is to help educate students with the proper resources needed to understand how the fundamentals of blockchain technology and tokenization will have an evolving impact on the development of future businesses for founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and independent creators over the next generations. 

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"Hey you! Yeah, you!
           ...Can you keep a secret?"

You didn't hear it from me, but I've heard that there's this new membership going around town, and you've got to be part of the "cool kids" to know what it's all about. Shhhh. I think I've already said too much. Anyways, we're super early, but I've just gotta tell ya... I'm so bullish on NFT Las Vegas™. Choose your organization and log-in with your student e-mail address to receive your Certificate of Membership today.


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